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It’s 2012… and if you are one of the many people out there still boasting an unlimited texting package and paying a monthly fee for it, it’s definitley time to reconcider.

If you are a smart phone owner- whether it be an iPhone, a BlackBerry, a Samsung Galaxy etc…you are already paying for a data plan using speeds of 3G if not 4G & LTE already. Question is, are you really using your data plan’s full potential?
With today’s data plans we are able to surf the web, download music and stream video right to our phones yet many of us still find ourselves using a different out-dated technology called SMS /MMS and we still pay a huge price for it on the side.
Ask yourself, why would you pay 30 dollars to do all of that with a data plan yet still pay an extra 25 or even 30 to just send a text message on top of that data plan?
If you are living in the US and many parts of Europe the very simple answer is you DON’T have to pay for SMS/MMS messaging anymore. You simply don’t need to use that technology. With most phones being smart phones and everyone running on 3G-4G networks with data plans, you have many options out there to get rid of your monthly texting plans and get an even better service sending and receiving multimedia / text messages.Some of the many options out there are:
You can also completely stop using your phone number to text and start using Instant Messengers like:
And many others…

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